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Exchange Parent Aide Program Overview


Exchange Parent Aides are trained, professionally supervised individuals (volunteer or paid) who provide supportive and educational in-home services to families at risk of child abuse and neglect.
Exchange Parent Aide is a program of the National Exchange Club  (NEC). The national office is located in Toledo, Ohio and provides technical assistance, training, affiliation, and accreditation to Exchange Parent Aide programs.
Locally, Exchange Parent Aide programs are operated through private, non-profit 501(c)3 organizations that are governed by volunteer boards of directors. These organizations are members of the NEC Child Abuse Prevention Center Network.  Each Exchange Parent Aide program is managed by a professional director trained by NEC staff. A variety of staff and/or volunteers provide the Exchange Parent Aide model and other prevention services (e.g. support groups, parent education) as appropriate to the local community. All Exchange Parent Aide programs must maintain compliance with the National Exchange Club's Standards of Operation and Practice (NEC-SOP).
The Exchange Parent Aide model provides secondary and tertiary prevention services to families:
The National Exchange Club has provided technical assistance, oversight, and training to Exchange Parent Aide programs for 32 years.
  • Infrastructure, training and support exist to support replication in communities.
  • Exchange Parent Aide services are strength-based and family centered.
  • Evaluation of the model included programs in urban and rural settings.
  • A recent randomized controlled study indicates significant impact in areas of:
    1. Reduced maternal stress, maternal depression, maternal anxiety
    2. Increased parental mastery
    3. Reduced psychological aggression and physical assault toward child
  • Additional findings from the randomized control study show the impact of fathers when served by Exchange Parent Aides.
  • Agencies elect to use paid and/or volunteer Exchange Parent Aides to provide services based on their community needs and resources.
  • Cost of Exchange Parent Aide services enables more families to be served.
  • Cultural competency issues are addressed through Parent Aide/family match process.
  • An extensive accreditation process is required of Exchange Parent Aide programs.
  • Exchange Parent Aide services are used in conjunction with primary prevention through community awareness.
  • Exchange Parent Aide programs also provide auxiliary services to enhance service delivery, e.g. group-based parenting classes.
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